2019: A new blog, and the KonMari effect.

Hello! Dia Dhuit! (Hello in Gaeilge, Irish)

My name is Lian.


Book, Dog, Coffee, Sweets- lover.

Wife of a kind, super- organized minimalist Japanese hubby.

Mum of a little dinosaur, 10 months old, called Seán Isami.

Living in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, home of Mt. Fuji, fragrant green tea fields and Chibi Maruko-Chan.

Writing the first sentence of a brand new shiny blog feels strange.

I’m sitting at my personal computer (Do people say this in English? I’m not sure, maybe it’s ‘Japanglish’ which I have been using increasingly in the past while). My laptop.

My husband and son (Seán, just turned 10 months old) are taking a nap. I am going to seize this rare opportunity to do something productive.

I have been mulling over starting a blog since I came to Japan (8 years ago, hohoho) but never got around to it. I am that kind of person. But, for some reason, today is the day I do it. It’s my New Year’s Resolution, a month and two weeks late.

My other resolution is to get organized, having read Marie Kondo’s book “The Life- Changing Magic of Tidying Up” (Cue a surprised giggle/snort of disbelief from my Mum). I will openly admit to my unorganized nature. It is something about myself that I hate, also my tendency to worry too much. MArie Kondo is a Japanese woman who came up with a method, the KonMari method, of getting your life/head in order through decluttering, reducing your possesions by throwing away/donating the things that don’t spark joy in your heart. The book promises to change your life. I think it has worked for me thus far (read the book last week and have started implementing her methods. I’ll come back to this later. Or maybe not.

When I was a teenager, I kind of got the ‘Japan bug’, not from anime or manga (though I am a big Studio Ghibli Fan), but from reading a book called ‘Across The Nightingale Floor’ by an author called Lian Hearn.

Sidenote: I absolutely love to read, something I haven’t had much time to do recently.

Admittedly, the initial reason I picked up this particular book was that the author had the same name, with the same spelling, as me. I had NEVER met or heard of, anyone with my name! The spelling is really unusual, it is usually ‘Leanne’, ‘Lee-ann’ or some variation.

But the book fascinated me. It is a fantasy novel (acutally a trilogy) set in a fictional land with strong echoes of Japan’s feudal era, and focuses on the adventures of a hero with a strange power.

Here is the blurb (From LianHearn.com) “A land of incomparable beauty torn by civil war. An ancient tradition undermined by spies and assassins. A society of rigid castes and codes subverted by love. “

I fell in love with the story, the characters and the setting. The idea of the Nightingale Floor ( A wooden floor in a castle that ‘sings’ like a nightingale when walked on to alert the inhabitants of an intruder) was so intrigung to me. As was the beautiful imagery of the Japanese landscape, conveyed so beautifully by Hearn. I hadn’t been as enraptured with a book series since The Lord of The Rings.

The fact that this fantasy setting was based on Japan made me determined to visit someday. I watched some Japanese movies and dramas, and found that I loved the language, too.

I don’t want this first blog post to become long- winded, so I may stop here for now!

Anyway, I applied for the JET Programme in my last year of University ( where I studied Neuroscience) and was offered a place in Shizuoka Prefecture. From then, with Mt. Fuji and green tea fields as a backdrop, my life in Japan started. And the rest is history (or for another blog post).

By the way, I was blown away when I got to walk on an actual nightingale floor in Kyoto! They really exist.

Happy New Year!

And as they (we?) say in Japan, ‘Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu’ (Please treat me well/ Let’s have a good relationship).

I hope you find something interesting/ worth reading in my blog!


Lian xx

Seán’s first Sakura!

2 thoughts on “2019: A new blog, and the KonMari effect.

  1. Hi Lian, I discovered your YouTube channel from the Reddit thread on the cherry blossoms and I really enjoy reading about you and your family’s experiences. As a non-Japanese but who is enamored with Japan and their culture I find your perspective about living in Japan very interesting. I hope to go back and visit soon (same person on Reddit!) but for now will marvel at your posts and videos. Your photos and videos really showcase the beauty of Japan but your personality and Sean’s adorableness makes it truly unique.


    1. Hi Andrew! Thanks so much for watching our video and the lovely comment. It’s my first blog comment (^^)
      Like you I have always been drawn to Japan and it’s culture and language! Never thought I would end up living here long term though.
      I want to share with others who are hoping to come to Japan some day, like I was years ago. I hope you can visit Japan again soon! Thank you again! x


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