Our Magical Disney Trip- Seán’s First Birthday. (Part 1- Disney Land)

Our little baby Seán turned one year old in April. It is such a cliché, but it feels like only yesterday that we were waiting at home for everything to “kick off” so we could head into the hospital. I won’t go into too much detail in this post, but it was a memorable experience to say the least!

We spent the first few months of Seán’s life in Ireland, before moving back to Japan. I was really glad to be close to my family and familiar surroundings when Seán was born and as we were getting used to being new parents!

The first year has flown by and Seán is a happy and healthy one year old! We decided to celebrate his birthday in the happiest place on Earth- Disney! Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR) to be exact. There are two Disney parks in TDR- Disney Land and Disney Sea. Each park has its own special charm, attractions and atmosphere.

It is said that Disney Land is geared more toward younger children, and had appropriate rides and attractions to reflect that. Disney Sea has rides that are a little scarier, and the park has a more adult atmosphere.

The park is water themed, and in parts feels like you could be strolling through Venice, at the docks in New York, or Under The Sea with Ariel. Disney Sea also has some special characters, Duffy the Bear (and friends), who can only be found in that park. Hubby and I went to both TDR parks on one of our first trips when we started dating. Since then we only went to Disney Sea, and mostly at Christmas time because we are both crazy about Christmas (my influence I think!).

We realized afresh how lovely a park Disney Land is, especially seeing it through Seán’s eyes. We arrived on Saturday morning, and as we weren’t itching to get on the rides this time, we could take our time. We put our luggage in a storage locker just outside the park, and headed in. The first thing we did (after gazing in awe at Cinderella’s Castle and the beautiful Easter scenery) was get a Fast Pass for It’s a Small World.

Before you go, I recommend choosing the rides you definitely want to go on, and if they are part of the Fast Pass ticketing system, get a Fast Pass! You scan your Disney Ticket (or the app on your phone) and are given a time to come back and go on the ride. This saves a LOT of time waiting in line. You can get a Fast Pass ticket once every two hours. For some extremely popular rides (Toy Story Mania in Disney Sea) the Fast Passes run our early in the morning, after that the waiting time is about 2 hours. So if you want one, get there quickly!

Fast passes (Before Seán!)

In Disney Land you have Pooh’s Hunny Hunt, a ride that takes you inside a story book of the adventures of Winnie The Pooh. It’s a Small World is another lovely ride on a boat, traveling though many countries of the world and seeing the people, animals (and of course Disney Characters) dancing and singing among beautiful surroundings. Disney Land has the extremely popular Electrical Parade “Dream Lights”.

The man and mouse themselves
Seán’s first birthday lunch at the Queen of Hearts’ Banquet Hall
Easter Disney

We think Seán had a great day in Disney Land! Hope he will look back on it, watch himself in our videos and smile.

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