Tokyo DisneySea!

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On our second day, we visited DisneySea. This park has a marine- theme, with areas like the Meditteranean Harbour, American Waterfront and Ariel’s Mermaid Lagoon.

It is very atmospheric, and you can really enjoy just walking around and soaking it all in. You could say it’s quite romantic too, there are Venetian Gondolas and some very nice restaurants, perfect for a special date. The two of us went to Disney Sea when we were dating and it holds a special place in our hearts!

In Disney Sea, we rented a buggy for Sean, it costs 1000 yen for the day and you get a cute Mickey Mouse design buggy for your little one (and as a bonus you can store some bags underneath!)

Seán LOVED looking around at the Disney scenery, waving at the people going by, saying “bye- bye” to the trains and hearing how his voice changes when we went over a bumpy spot in the road! We loved watching him have so much fun, and not even on a ride!

We headed to the Mermaid Lagoon. It was already a personal favourite spot of ours, but we were so excited for Seán to see it.

There is an indoor “Under The Sea” world inside King Triton’s Palace! It is full of rides, restaurants and kids’ play areas. The fact that it is indoors means that kids can spend time inside if it gets too hot/cold/rainy. And parents can take a bit of a break!

Ariel’s concert in the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre is fantastic and we highly recommend it to everyone, young and old. Definitely worth getting a FastPass ticket for! The rides are appropriate for children and there are some nice places to get ocean- themed snacks.

We had a look inside the whale- shaped souvenir shop for our giveaway presents! Daddy found a Disney Model Train set and loved it, I can tell how excited he is to buy one for Seán and build it together. There were so many awesome gifts to choose from, we coudn’t decide!

We also stopped by the S.S. Colombia for a break. We went to the Teddy Roosevelt Loung inside the ship during our Disney date years ago, and wanted to see it again. The S. S. Colombia is designed like an early 1900s ocean steam liner and is very realistic, with an authentic atmosphere. There is a dining room (a little expensive and you should try to make a reservation if you can!) and the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge.

The lounge is an homage to the 26th U.S. president Roosevelt, complete with wooden bears holding up the bar! It has a menu of appetisers, mains and desserts and a variety of whiskeys and cocktails. Coffee too!

It is well-known that unlike in Disney Land, you can enjoy alcoholic drinks in DisneySea, and you can try a special seasonal cocktail in the Roosevelt Lounge. They also serve seasonal parfaits! The pricing is reasonable, we had coffee and cake for less than 2000 yen. It’s worth visiting for the atmosphere, moody lighting and to see the cast- members’ 1920’s outfits!

After our break, Seán thought it was about time to meet ‘n’ greet a Disney Character, so we went on the search! You can queue up to meet some characters, but often the wait- times are astonishingly long! I heard from another Disney fan that the other day, which was Goofy’s birthday, there was an 11 HOUR wait to meet him! ? I couldn’t quite comprehend that one.

Anyway! We bumped into Daisy Duck on our travels and after a bit of a wait (she’s very popular and even received hand- written letters from fans) we got to take a photo with her! Seán was a bit shy at first but he was delighted to meet her!

After that, more shopping!

Every time we have gone to DisneySea, we try to see “Big Band Beat” a New York- inspired musical show. But we can never get tickets in the daily raffle.

This time however, with our lucky charm Seánie, we got tickets! The show was really enjoyable, even Seán sat through it without fussing (thank you Seánie!). Try to get tickets if you can!

And finally we went to the Arabian Coast, home of Aladdin and the Genie! Here, there is a big, beautiful carousel, beautifully painted with lights and gorgeous horses, camels to ride on. I think this might have been Seán’s favorite part of the whole trip. He looked so amazed, sitting on this beast and moving up, down and all around. Looking back on that video makes me smile every time.

It was a great ending to a wonderful weekend.

Lian xx

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