②Let’s Plant a Seed! ・Nature Cards ・Letter B・Number 2 Printables! ・種を蒔いて、育てましょう! ・「自然でお散歩」の絵カード・数字の「2」、アルファベットの「B」プリント!


Hi, everyone ! How are you doing?

今週のアクティビティ 種を蒔いて、育てましょう!


Activity: Let’s Plant A Seed! Here is how we did this activity, please try it for yourself!

We planted sunflower seeds just like in the book “I Can Grow a Flower” ! Seán is learning about a seed’s journey to become a flower.

「I Can Grow a Flower」の絵本で紹介されている方法です!



It is great practice of Seán’s fine motor skills to scoop and pour the soil, to pick up one seed and put into each pot. (If you don’t mind getting messy!) He was also able to put his hands in and feel the soil, which is good for his sensory development.

大人が見守っていれば、小さな子供でも土をすくったり、ポットに入れたり、タネを蒔いたりする事ができます♪ Fine motor skills =「細かい運動能力」のとても良い練習になります!

Please note that this activity should either be done outside, or with plenty or newspaper put down as it will inevitably get messy!


We bought biodegradable small pots in the 100 yen store. Seán put some soil in, leaving a few centimetres at the top. He then placed one seed into each pot, covered with soil and sprinkled some water on top.



Seán took good care of his seed, watering it every day and making sure it has light and warmth.




Seánie, Daddy and I each wrote our initials on one of the pots, so we will be able to see whose flower grows the tallest!


The seedlings sprouted quickly, so we moved them to bigger pots to give their roots room to grow!


Nature Walk Vocabulary Matching Cards 自然でお散歩:英単語カード

I took the images from our nature walk sheet and made small cards.

先週のプリント「Nature Walk」と同じテーマで、マッチングゲームを作りました!

You can print out, cut and laminate the cards if you like, and use them for a variety of games and activities.


For example

・Mix the cards up and try to match two of the the same cards together.

・Place the cards facing down. Pick up two at a time. If the two are matching, you can keep them. If not, place them back down and try again (or next person takes a turn).




Letter B Printable. アルファベット「B」のプリント

The Number 2 Printable

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